I’m a native Calgarian and though I’ve traveled the world, Calgary is where my husband and I are choosing to raise our son. I know this city through the eyes of an artist trained to spot locations where the play of color and contrast create a dream team that is pure photographic magic.

I have learned from the best, as my photography has taken me to London, Italy, Venezuela, Mexico, New York and all across our beautiful country. I have been published in numerous magazines, websites and newspapers including The Calgary Herald. I am sought after for my special event, portrait and wedding photography for the simple reason that I know the difference between a photo that makes you look good and one that makes you look great.

When I take a picture it’s not a just a shot in the dark. I’m crafting that one special image that lights up a room. I skydive, scuba dive and speak Spanish as a second language but bold and fearless photography is my life’s work. I have the latest and greatest technological toys, the best equipment, lenses and professional studio lighting. I will use my infectious enthusiasm and experience to make your photography sessions into an exciting and playful adventure. My artistic philosophy is that I want you to absolutely love looking at your wedding photos 20 years from now. There’s not a single picture that I won’t retouch in some way to make it just right.

I promise you that your wedding photographs won’t look anything like the ones featured here, because your wedding is one of a kind. I will tell the story of YOUR day in moments and memories. I promise to capture your individuality, your commitment and most importantly the love that you have for each other in every exceptional image. I will reveal to you the things you missed during your special day; your mother’s smile, his niece dancing up a storm, or even the way the dusk sifted the shadows to show the stars. I will find the best light, the most unique and amazing locations, and I will take that perfect photo at just the moment that it needed to be taken. My reputation is on the line with every click of the shutter.

I will give you my best and I will photograph you at yours.