Accessible Housing Project

Accessible Housing Calgary and I teamed up to photograph and showcase some recent modifications . These images will be used to provide a visual for those who are undergoing accessible friendly renovations. To learn more    

6 Year Business Anniversary

I’ve taken images during happy & sad times. I’ve been paid to photograph from a helicopter in the clouds to a sandy beach wedding. I have even found ways to give back to my community by offering my photography to … Continue reading

Fall Family Session

In our own private worlds, each and every life experience we encounter creates a new layer in our living world. Our stories are our threads of life,  delicately woven in wonderful patterns, creating our own unique and intricate tapestry. Sometimes … Continue reading

The Metropolitan Show Suites

Entering a new show suite for the 1st time is really quite impactful, it’s almost like arriving on set for a t.v. show. With everything perfectly in place, the new paint smell, and the most modern of interior furnishings, it’s … Continue reading

An Excursion to Akumal, Mx.

What does Akumal mean anyway? Well, it means Turtle in the Mayan language, and swimming with a turtle during this year’s vacation was one of my goals. On my first snorkel, I saw a stingray! I don’t know a whole … Continue reading

Calgary Stampede Kick-Off

All Calgarians know, for a couple weeks during each summer, the city swells in size and comes alive with the little event called the Stampede. This event usually evokes 1 of 2  feelings for the residents living in city:  One … Continue reading

Pacific Coast Wedding

My Bride squealed, “It’s like that commercial, $ for my wedding, $ for my wedding photography, but walking through a temperate rain forest in my wedding dress? Priceless!”  There are somethings that money just can’t buy! This couple crossed ALL … Continue reading

Amanda & Derek’s Wedding

I love the excitement among guests that fill the air right before a wedding ceremony, it’s a mix of nervous smiles from the family members as they await the vows that bind and the symbolic ” release” of the bride … Continue reading

Cocktails: This is how we muddle

Cocktails. They’re on fire right now and they ain’t going anywhere anytime soon! Recipes for these creative concoctions are littered in magazines, appearing in on-line tutorials  and now even in workshop form. .spiritofthewench cocktails has landed in YYC and the … Continue reading

The Healing Godess

I met Clarissa, last year. She is a facilitator for a cool, all-woman group who meets once a month.  She’s great at  providing our group with a space filled with positive support and kindness, but also offers the same attention … Continue reading